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Hotspot Costarei
Summer 2017 welcome!
HotSpot provides high-speed wireless internet through Costarei a outdoor WiFi coverage present in main areas of Costa Rei in the province of Cagliari.
If you are already an individual Hotspot Costarei you can continue to use our services by renewing the subscription taking into account that we have expanded our network with more areas!
If you did not  our network yet  please do right away, to be active!

Enjoy the Web with Hotspot Costarei!!

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 Connection Card 

In order to use the service you must have a WiFi device (b/g/n) and a connection card of your lists login credentials or proicedere purchase by following online with paypal or credit card.

The card can be purchased at authorized retailers
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  • aggregate bandwidth of 50 megabits
  • new automatic logon
  • new 2017 website